Yellowstone Wolves

Gray Wolf near Undine Falls Yellowstone NP

Gray Wolf near Undine Falls Yellowstone NP

Unit 50 was my radio call today, active atop South Butte on Yellowstone’s Northern Range. We’d climbed (slogged?) up a steep slope to watch eight members of the newly formed Blacktail pack sleep. Full bellied, one or two graced us with some action, getting up to turn around and bed again. Hot soup called in Mammoth, a half hour or so away after our slip-sliding descent. Close to 3:00 PM and heading home we spied a group of elk, close to the road, bunched up and alert, facing… a wolf – a robust gray trotting along. Amazingly it paralleled our course along the road for close to a mile, threading in and out of dark-barked Douglas Fir and yellow aging grass. It was young with sharp clean teeth, its movements seemed effortless. We caught some quick grab shots out the window with hopes the team of wolf watchers might shed light on its identity. Canyon Pack, a vagrant interloper? January begins the mating cycle and wolves are on the prowl. How happy we were to witness, so closely, this fine individual!


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