PANAMA – Morning with Monkeys

White-faced Capuchins

White-faced Capuchins

Zipping around Gatun Lake of the Panama Canal in a small boat, dodging super cargo ships and dredge units is WAY too much fun! On a sunny morning with wind in our hair we crossed into quieter coves to search out Greater Anis, Snail Kites and Rufescent Tiger-Herons. We left from the dock close to our hotel as our birding guide donned a new hat, that of boat captain. Yes, sir! Magnificent Frigatebirds soared on thermals above us and on bending tree branches Anhingas carefully preened each of their glossy feathers. But the real show stoppers today were primates of two species: Mantled Howler Monkeys and White-faced Capuchins. Two young Howlers intently fed on a shrub near the shoreline that had new leaves. They hung on thin branches with little support and one took a plunge as it reached just a bit too far for a tender morsel. We delighted in watching a troop of capuchins, particularly a shy young one that clung to its mother’s back. It mirrored her movements and expressions; their faces are etched in our memories of a fine morning on the Panama Canal.


3 thoughts on “PANAMA – Morning with Monkeys

  1. Hello, Kids Saving the Rainforest loves your capuchin photo. We were wondering if you’d be willing to let us use it for educational purposes on our website if we attribute it to you? Please check out our facebook page and website as well as our blog. I’m Mary Kline, the director in the US.

    Palo Alto, CA

    • You are most welcome to use this photo, and I have others, plus a lot of Howler Monkeys, if you’d like others. Please credit Peg Abbott/Naturalist Journeys and let me know if you want others. Peg

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