Photo: Torch Ginger in Trindad by Carol Simon


Wynne Brown, now working with Naturalist Journeys, LLC to help us promote our journeys through social media, and PDF versions of our itineraries, had her own grand adventure accompanying our June group to Trinidad. Her Trip Report is one the best we’ve published.

It begins…”It only takes an hour of being present at the Asa Wright Nature Centre to start melting into a mellow tropical torpor. The resplendent green, the flowers, the birds – even just the air seems opulent and decadently rich.”

She goes on to describe, in rich detail, the group’s adventures with jewel-toned birds, social ant colonies, night birds, Leatherback turtles, Red Howler Monkeys and more. Guides Carol Simon and Howard Topoff once again received rave reviews and fascinated the group with a series of presentations on tropical forest biology and animal behavior. Next year they, and several from this group, hope to meet again for a similar style trip on a small cruise on the Amazon – check back with us for details! And in the meantime, grab the moment and enjoy reading Wynne and Carol’s Trinidad & Tobago 2011 Trip Report.



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