Papua New Guinea: The Incredible Mt. Hagan Show

Papua New Guinea: Mt. Hagan, Faces of the Show

The Mt. Hagan Show has to be one of the most outstanding festivals on Earth. It is an absolute kaleidescope of color and sound. The visual pleasure of seeing so much color and motion, while being surrounded by clear air and tall mountains was sublime. The event allows tourists to wander right in amongst the competitors. Numerous tribes are represented, and each has their own brand of style of dress. Only enlargement of our photos will reveal all the wonders of decoration, from waist to headdress, what a display before our eyes.
We saw special groups, such as the widows, women – young and old – who dress simply, covering their bodies with a chalk-like mud, dancing with somber faces as if lost in a rhythm we could not touch. There were men completely covered in moss and lichens, women wearing lovely drapes of bark cloth, grass and cloth skirts on men and women that raised and lowered as they danced to vibrant drums. A keen ear one could sort out the different chants sung by each village – the sum total being hypnotic in effect.
At times a dance group would rush to the outer circle and perform, approaching us with spears, nostril decorations, beaks of hornbills and cassowaries draped around their necks, full Crowned Pigeons fanned out with various parrots and lorikeets facing head down, valued for their color. In a country with so little, these birds provide feathers as if gems. There were reams of pendulous breasts, from young to old, powdered or polished with red ochre, moving with the rhythm of the day. Not a one of us present will ever forget this day! 866 900 1146 If you would like a link to a Picassa Album of more Mt. Hagan Show images, or request a Free Brochure, please email us at Enjoy!


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