INDIA: Snapshots from a Naturalist Journey’s Nature Tour: The Colors of India

Women with School Children at a Nature Reserve, India Photo by Peg Abbott











My small community hosts Forums with invited lectures, and for this I called my talk on India, the Colors of India.  When I reviewed my photos (countless photos!)  from Tiger stripes to market vendors, peacock tails to people that we encountered in cities and rural villages, color was the essential element of all.

India is a paradise for the photographer. People seem fine with the lens facing their way, they go on about their lives with little notice. And their lives are vibrant. Day to day we encountered weddings, women forming fuel from cattle dung, five persons stuffed onto a Susuki, markets filled with fruit.  In nature we found stunning birds with electric hues – some of my favorites being several species of kingfishers.  Even herons and storks don bright feathers in India!  

What I like about our Naturalist  Journey’s tour is the marvelous blend of nature and culture. Every drive between nature reserves and World Heritage Sites provide adventure. Drives pass quickly, as all around life if happening, people coming and go, by every conceivable form or transport imaginable.  In India, it seems like you can feel the color.  In winter, to unwind in their lovely climate, with varied habitats amid all this color feels divine!  And the dark eye of the Tiger, set against its special blend of orange, is rivaled only by the tones of tiles that line the stunning Taj Mahal.  An intricate maze of color that knits this edifice together, and time in the early morning at the Taj to see fine light is essential.  Consider INDIA as a great winter escape this next February 12-23, 2012.

A Typical Market in India photo by Peg Abbott


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