South Texas Birding and Nature Tour: a Perfect Winter Getaway in “Tropical” Ecotourism Style

Roseate Spoonbills by South Texas Birding Tour participant Betty Andres

SOTX group in blind Bob Behrstock

Naturalist Journeys, a top birding and nature tour company, recognizes South Texas as one of the most exotic destination for a winter birding tour in North America. Get off that plane and feel warm, tropical air!  Here, comfortably in the USA, the range of many subtropical species extends just north of the Mexican border, provinding a rainbow of colorful species.  Add finding a good selection of bird species that breed much further north overwintering in the varied parks, wildlife refuges and wildlife habitats visited of this nine-day South Texas birding and nature tour and you have the recipe for a successful birdwatching tour.  Unique habitats such as Tamaulipan Thorn Scrub and lush Sabal Palm groves are home to some 40 south Texas avian specialties, including Green Jays, Altamira Orioles, Hook-billed Kites, Golden-fronted Woodpeckers, Red-crowned Parrots, Couch’s Kingbirds and Plain Chachalacas.

On the February 26-March 6 South Texas birding and nature tour, we  visit a number of sites, including the Laguna Atascosa and Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuges, wetland habitats on South Padre Island that often attract wintering rails, and Estero Llano Grande, Bentsen Rio Grande, and Falcon State Parks. Many of these areas of the Rio Grande Valley are legendary among birders for consistently attracting unique wildlife, and the added value of visiting King Ranch and Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, the latter a stronghold of endangered Whooping Cranes,  adds great value to this ecotour.

Naturalists flock to the region, as this is a great nature tour adventure on which to view both birds and butterflies. Over 300 species of butterflies—more than are likely to be found in the entire Eastern United States—have been recorded in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Many of the sites we’ll visit have plantings to attract butterflies. If the winter has remained mild, we may see a diversity of these delightful creatures, as well as some of the Valley’s nearly 100 species of dragonflies and damselflies.

Whooping Crane group Bob Behrstock copy

Field guide artist and PhD ornithologist Doug Pratt leads our upcoming guided South Texas birding and nature tour.  Read our past South Texas birding tour trip reports for more details. Last year the group saw 41 endangered Whooping Cranes, quite a chunk of the entire world population!  Roseate Spoonbills were another South Texas birding tour favorite species, evidenced by this stunning photo by participant Betty Andres.  Whooping Crane and South Texas birding tour group photos by Bob Behrstock.

There is still space available – call us at 866 900-1146 or email today!


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